Vanguard Semiconductor’s headquarters is located in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone High-tech Industrial Park-Dashahe innovation zone and adjacents to Chinese Academy of Sciences(SZ) and South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) , specializing in series of discrete devices such as semiconductor microelectronics design and product development related to high-tech enterprises.


With many years of experience working with leading power supply manufacturers, we insist on discrete field and optimize to enhance the performance of the domestic brand of discrete devices competitiveness and market share ratio. Vanguard is focus on innovation, stability, high efficiency, and low cost integrated solutions. Through long-term efforts, we have become a minority along with low, medium, high power POWER MOSFET whole series of discrete devices, and special semiconductor process design capabilities of advanced IC design companies.


Our products are widely used in computers, consumer electronics, LCD / LED displays, communications power supply, industrial power supply, as well as solar energy, wind energy, lithium and other new energy industries.

We have strong R & D team, dedicated sales and service team, efficient and professional technical support team. As an innovative enterprise, relying on sustained R & D investment, Vanguard has been in a stable, sustained and rapid development to provide customers with innovative, stable, high-efficiency, low-cost integrated circuit products and applications. In the future the company will continue adhering to the “people-oriented ” basic philosophy, and adhere to the excellent quality and continuous innovation to create value for customers and achieve win-win cooperation with our cooperated clients.
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