Industry information

  • SMD pulse transformers for LAN applications


    TDK-EPC, a group company of TDK Corporation, has developed a series of TDK pulse transformers in SMD design for LAN use. The new product enables customers to employ automated placement of all components on the circuit board and using reflow solder and thus simplify their manufacturing processes.

  • Shenzhen will establish the semiconductor use alliance


    Southern daily dispatch (reporter/DuXiao days of reporter/Yang lei ZhangMingYong) domestic electronic components industry annual event - - consists of qiang electronics nets sponsored by "2011 China electronic components industry innovation development annual meeting will be held on January 13, held in shenzhen TingYuan hotel st.

  • Do not use electricity "artifact" guide lighting products


    Energy saving socket can not only manage the power can detect carbon dioxide emissions, light pipe will any place into the sun room need light......

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